abercrombys website

This High Street real estate agency brings its A-game to every property.

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gbla website

Each landscape design is unique, but all begin with a common imperative—to deliver a richly engaging experience through deep connection to site.

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glenvill group website

A household name with the in-house capability to design and deliver both affordable housing and high-end homes.

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thoughtworks generative ai

Seems the genie GenAI is out of the bottle.

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shrine of remembrance exhibitions

The art of war. Literally and figuratively.

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royal australasian college of surgeons re-brand

Less nip 'n' tuck; more full facelift.

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natroad gala dinner video opener

Three years is a long time between drinks.

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npfulfilment re-brand

This high speed/high tech/high touch 3PL provider was in high need of a more compelling positioning.

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A postcode in demand. Amenity in abundance.

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nsw land and housing corporation

The key to ensuring social housing supply meets demand? More keys in doors, obvs.

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tilt industrial design perspectives

Two heads are better than one—doubly so when the first belongs to an architect, and the second an industrial designer.

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care connect re-brand

Ageing is a privilege, but it also brings challenges. Taking full advantage of Government-funded support to keep living independently at home needn't be one of them.

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121 chomley street

An underutilised typology finds a new home in the backstreets of Prahran.

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neighbourhood brunswick

There are two sides to every story. Or in the case of this Breathe Archictecture project, four.

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tourism australia signature experiences program

There's nothing like Australia—and nothing like working on a Tourism Australia project in the middle of a COVID lockdown.

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From golf links to housing
estate—a phenomenon increasingly par for the course.

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seafarers residences

Remnants of the Yarra River's maritime past: re-awakened, rejuvenated, and repurposed.

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victor churchill

“The client wants a customer to do the voiceover; you may have heard of him…”

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regis capital website

It began with a coffee—as most Melbourne businesses do.

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monark credentials

Can't always bank on the big four for your project finance.

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anthem website

If architects designed builders, this would be the archetype.

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Nickname becomes brand name for this ethical womenswear label by fashion designer Adriana ‘Fresskee’ Frescura.

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melbourne awards video opener

A uniquely Melbourne way of recognising the Melburnians who make Melbourne, unique.

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japara re-brand

When the care you provide is built on respect, it shows.

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southern ocean lodge

In whispers and roars, its beauty beckons…

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toyota compliance training

Because brand reputation is everyone's responsibility.

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Watch the Toyota Compliance Training videos. Password required.

peter clark photography

It’s what happens before the shutter release is pressed that sets this photographer’s images apart.

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facett launch

Cochlear implant technology—no surgery required. Cue subtitles…

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studio ongarato website

New name. New website. New Same sneakers.

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growland tarneit

Demographic-inspired estate name. Topographic-inspired positioning.

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fender katsalidis monograph

Storied storeys, 25 years in the making.

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loose change
vending co

Most businesses resist change; not this one.

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maxitrans corporate video

How do you ensure a nation’s needs, get to where they’re needed?

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victoria square

A westside story that doesn't end in tears.

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380 melbourne

A unique residential living experience inspired by the architecture of Elenberg Fraser. (And a lewd DH Lawrence poem about a certain ‘secretive’ fruit.)

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proplenish re-brand

What if a beauty product could offer more than just hope? What if it offered certainty?

Share the ProPlenish positioning line and packaging
Review the ProPlenish positioning line and packaging


The benefits of innovative architectural glazing, made clear.

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The story of this SME finance specialist is in the telling, not the spelling.

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bristol myers squibb
be the difference

There may not be an ‘i’ in team, but there is a ‘one’ in everyone.

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kimberly clark international
making lives better

Essential viewing for those essentially responsible for supplying the world with the essentials for a better life.

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Watch the Kimberly Clark International Making Lives Better video


When your footprint covers the acute, aged, primary, community and hospital care segments, your positioning line writes itself. Almost.

Share the ParagonCare positioning line
Review the ParagonCare positioning line

345 george street

Tenants notwithstanding, Sydney’s new home of luxury retailing wants for nothing.

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queens place

Missing apostrophe or not,
this conjoined coupling puts Melbourne’s other residential towers in the shade.

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australian commercial galleries association

For those who exhibit a talent
for turning business into an
art form.

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fresh eyre merino

How does a new private wool brand make its marque? By not being sheepish about sharing
its story.

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anz branch training

The best way to help in-branch customers? Teach them to help themselves.

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Watch the ANZ Branch Training videos. Password required.

honda dealer launch

You can read about history, write about it, learn from it or ignore it. Occasionally, you may even witness it in the making. But rarely, if ever, do you have the opportunity to create it.

Share the Honda Dealer Conference video
Watch the Honda Dealer Conference video

bupa overseas visitor cover

Welcome to Australia: land of sweeping plains, rugged mountain ranges, and universal healthcare that’s not exactly universal.

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Create a residential community without actual residents? Watch this space.

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kenworth corporate brochure

To discover why Australian-made Kenworths are the world‘s best trucks, take a peek behind the badge, not under the bonnet.

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7 yarra

These South Yarra apartments put the Yarra Lane precinct on the map—literally and figuratively.

Share the the 7 Yarra video
Watch the 7 Yarra video

p|startrack brand immersion opener

Integrate divisions without creating them—that was first item on the agenda for StarTrack’s new owner.

Share the the P|StarTrack brand immersion videos
Watch the P|StarTrack brand immersion videos

australian business theatre

Nothing says ‘wish your projects were here’ quite like a postcard.

Share the Australian Business Theatre direct marketing postcards
Review the Australian Business Theatre direct marketing postcards

jayco range launch

Home sweet home away from home—now sweeter than ever.

Share the Jayco 2014 range launch project

fender katsalidis architects website

Designers get spaces, it's the interstitial words that seem to vex. A nip, tuck and lift of the practice's self-penned archi-text ensured this online makeover transcended the cosmetic.

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anz centre relocation

Moving 6,500 employees from 13 premises to the one, new mega office? Let communication do the heavy lifting.

Share the ANZ Centre relocation video
Watch the ANZ Centre relocation video


By the city by the bay, a multi-residential development in the right place at the right time.

Share the Zinc Apartments brochure
Read the Zinc Apartments brochure


Express by nature, but no longer in name. Meet the newly re-minted StarTrack.

Share the StarTrack project

australian air express

Before clearing its streamlined product range for take off, AaE needed first to arm and cross check a new suite of marketing collateral.

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With this in-need-of-a-name startup on their side, ageing
C-suiters need no longer shy away from the prospect of retiring.

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Review the Act3 brand and positioning

australian institute of architects insights

Want someone’s ear? Give ’em a voice. That’s how the Australian Institute of Architects attracted Melbourne’s heavy hitters to its Victorian Large Practice Forums.

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holden assist

It knows where you are, it knows what you’re doing. But in a good way.

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one bahrain

Water… views… sunshine…
sky villas with cantilevered pools. What’s not to like?

Share the One Bahrain project

holden colorado

With Isuzu repossessing the Rodeo, Holden needed a big truckin’ nameplate of their own making.

Share the Holden Colorado brochure and video

holden dual fuel

Backyarders and DIYers had given LPG a bad name. Time to tackle the myth-conceptions head on.

Share the Holden Dual Fuel website and brochure

defining tomorrow

The best way to predict the future? Invent it yourself.

Share the Kenworth Defining Tomorrow video
View the Kenworth Defining Tomorrow video

melbourne museum

Inventors of chocolate. Devotees of human sacrifice. The Aztecs came, soared and were conquered.

Share the Aztecs Exhibition TVC
View the Aztecs Exhibition TVC

yarra house

Bringing a whole new outlook to a bygone area, this north-facing South Yarra development lets residents enjoy both sides of the river simultaneously.

Share the Yarra House brochure
Read the Yarra House brochure

grenade website

Once self-proclaimed enfants terribles. Still self-confessed ferret racers. To grow, this graphic design studio needed to grow up. Or at least look and sound that way.

Share the Grenade website
Explore the Grenade website

the quays

Seaside ambience + CBD convenience + resort-style amenities = life, elevated.

Share The Quays brochure
Read The Quays brochure

amp national conference 2014

13.82 billion years in the making. Seven minutes in the telling. Welcome to a ‘Short History of the Future’.

Share the AMP 2014 National Conference video opener
Watch the AMP 2014 National Conference video opener.


A Swiss Army Knife of influence and information, this sprightly sesquicentarian continues to further the vested interests of employers, large and small.

Share the VECCI flagship brochure
Read the VECCI flagship brochure

holden cruze

A retired nameplate, resurrected amidst much fanfare, for a new, local four pot. Lo, the re-born Holden Torana Cruze.

Share the Holden Cruze brochure
Read the Holden Cruze brochure


Not sure what to do with that Victorian era gasometer of yours? Here's an idea: make it the iconic centrepiece of an eponymous mixed-use property development.

Share the Gasworks commercial leasing brochure
Read the Gasworks commercial leasing brochure

immigration museum

Ain’t easy being an Australian. Especially if you ain’t born one.

Share the Immigration Museum project

melbourne museum
a day in pompeii

A call for entries in need of a call to action. Say ‘formaggio’…

Share the A Day in Pompeii Photography Competition poster
View the A Day in Pompeii Photography Competition poster

mcauley foundation

If you want to help medical science in the future, donate your body. To help it now, give an arm and a leg—or whatever you can afford.

Share the McAuley Foundation brochure
Read the McAuley Foundation brochure

st michael’s grammar school prospectus

An education focused on individuality and creativity?
It will be the making of you—
and vice-versa.

Share the St Michael's Grammar prospectus
Read the  St Michael's Grammar prospectus

kardinia park
legends plaza

Geelong’s AFL players get the star treatment, but it’s the city’s other sporting heroes who are officially installed as legends.

Share the Kardinia Park Legends Plaza interpretative signage
Review the Kardinia Park Legends Plaza interpretative signage

australia post pesa

Hear ye, hear ye, budding
e-tailers. What thou website bringeth in orders, thy Office of Post can fulfileth via click and easy online logistics.

Share the Australia Post PESA 2012 stand signage
Review the Australia Post PESA stand signage

consolidated graphics

If signs don’t look promising for your way finding or placemaking designs, make your way to this place.

Share the Consolidated Graphics brochure
Read the Consolidated Graphics brochure


A verdant ornament, dormant
for 147 years, the heritage-listed gardens of 555 St Kilda Road are now sprouting a lush residential development.

Share the Parque brochures

holden ve ute

Workhorse. Toy hauler. Bogan sports car. This you beaut Holden has the utility to suit everyone’s fancy.

Share the Holden VE Ute brochure
Read the Holden VE Ute brochure

holden barina spark

It’s goodbye Gen-Nanna, hello Gen-Y as Holden reinvents an
old school nameplate for a too-cool-for-school market.

Share the Holden Barina Spark brochure
Read the Holden Barina Spark brochure

holden sportwagon

Holden switches the station to sport and brings music to the ears of sales reps and would-be wagon buyers everywhere.

Share the Holden Sportwagon brochure and video

holden astra twintop

Convertible or coupé? Coupé or convertible? A first world problem solved with form and function by this two-cars-in-one hardtop drop top.

Share the Holden Astra TwinTop project

crumpler inflight

What better way to captivate a captive audience than tales tall but true-ish, of the peculiar provenance of Crumpler product names.

Share the Crumpler Inflight Advertising
Review The Crumpler Inflight Advertising

crumpler one bag

Having a Crumpler bag is
good, but having one stuffed turducken-style with a load of other Crumplers is better.

Share the Crumpler One Bag project

amp national conference 2009

a) Conventional wisdom meditation on the nature of inspiration. b) Prelude to a blindside. c) Both of the above.

Share the AMP 2009 National Conference video opener
Watch the AMP 2009 National Conference video opener


It’s last drinks for a landmark Melbourne hotel, as the soon-to-be-erstwhile Stork brings the CBD its tallest residential tower.

Share the Vision Apartments brochure
Read the Vision Apartments brochure


‘The birthplace of Canberra 2.0’. That's how future social anthropologists will describe this arts-infused adaptive reuse of the historic Hotel Acton.

Share the NewActon project

abt + precinct

It’s change for change’s sake—but in a good way—as a new specialist creative agency emerges from the union of two Photon Group siblings.

Share the ABT + Precinct merger broster
Read the ABT + Precinct merger broster

jayco almost
summer sale

In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. And hopefully a new RV.

Share the Jayco Almost Summer Sale project

melbourne museum
first peoples

If you welcome the opportunity to connect with indigenous culture, then welcome you
will be.

Share the First Peoples Exhibition TVC
View the First Peoples Exhibition TVC

dept of environment and primary industries climate risk

Rain once stayed mainly on the plains in Victoria. Nowadays, not so much.

Share the DEPI Victoria Climate Risk video
Watch the DEPI Victoria Climate Risk video

bupa launch

Then HBA, MBF and Mutual Community. Now BUPA. Was health insurer. Now health care partner with a unique brand promise—one it first needed to make to itself.

Share the BUPA launch video
Watch the BUPA launch video. Password required.

workplace of the future

What’s better than having a desk of your own at work? Not having one, apparently.

Share the Workplace of the Future video
Watch the Workplace of the Future video. Password required.

white pages
digital devices

If there’s news to tell, tell it.
If not, put on a show. Or in the case of Whites Pages’ digital ubiquity, a little from column A,
a little from column B.

Share the White Pages Digital Devices video
Watch the White Pages Digital Devices video

anz travel card

An idea with international currency, this polyglot plastic
is smart money in anyone’s language.

Share the ANZ Travel Card videos
Watch the ANZ Travel Card videos

whereis beyond maps forum opener

The shortest distance from map to mApp? A front row seat at this content context confab.

Share the Whereis Beyond Maps Forum video
Watch the Whereis Beyond Maps Forum video

kenworth range launch

Product launches don't get much bigger. But it wasn’t just a size thing. This was generational change—a re-imagining of Kenworth DNA for the road transport owners, operators and drivers of tomorrow.

Share the Kenworth Range Launch video
Watch the Kenworth Range Launch video

white pages have you considered plus

Less may be more, but god is still in the detail. And in a retailer’s White Pages listing, the more of it the better.

Share the White Pages Have You Considered Plus video
Watch the White Pages Have You Considered Plus video

anz moneymanager

Too many balances in your financial world and not enough checks? This web app is the answer by all accounts.

Share the ANZ MoneyManager video
Watch the ANZ MoneyManager video

crumpler website

One part product detail, nine parts larrikin: that was the old Crumpler web words formula. The new needed to invert the ratio without subverting the brand’s raffish charm.

Share the Crumpler website
Explore the Crumpler website

ibm australia

No point being the world’s most famous three letter acronym if no-one knows what you do. Time the planet smartened up.

Share the IBM ReTHINK video
Watch the IBM ReTHINK video

national wine and grape industry centre

Free advice is normally worth what you pay for it. But this is worth bottling.

Share the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre videos
Watch the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre videos


When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
But in the case of this high tech, high fashion acoustic interior panelling, hearing is believing.

Share the Echolinear brochure
Read the Echolinear brochure


Night owl? Foodie? Fasionista? Café hipster? You'll feel right at home in these Prahran Village apartments.

Share the Emporia Apartments collateral

victorian emergency physicians association

Undervalued? Underpaid? Underrepresented? Emergency Physicans of Victoria, heal thyself.

Share the Victorian Emergency Physicians Association project

bupa pci dss training

Credit card fraud is fascinating. Its prevention, not so much. It would take a superhumanheroic effort to ensure secure transacting principles became everyday practise for Bupa staff.

Share the BUPA PCS DSS workbook
Review the BUPA PCI DSS workbook

the parade

Lake Wendouree. Famous for hosting the Olympic rowing in ’56. Infamous for catching
fire in 2008. Now famous again as the setting for Ballarat’s
first starchitect-designed apartments.

Share The Parade brochure
Read The Parade brochure

108 flinders

Yarra River aspect. Frontages to Flinders Street and AC/DC Lane. Architecture and interiors by Fender Katsalidis. Can’t get more ‘Melbourne’ than that.

Share the 108 Flinders project

ayres consulting

Integrity. Honesty. Transparency. Qualities not automatically associated with the property development industry. But position perfect for informing this boutique consultancy’s brand.

Share the Ayres Consulting project

anz gomoney

Transfer funds. Check balances. Pay bills. Pay anyone mobile-to-mobile via SMS. This ground-breaking, game-changing, hyperbole-inducing world-first iPhone app does it all.

Share the ANZ goMoney videos
Watch the ANZ goMoney videos

white pages online package plus

Big up your online presence,
and you big up your business. White Pages, masters of the cross-sell/up-sell universe, make it possible without the
big headaches.

Share the White Pages Online Package Plus video
Watch the White Pages Online Package Plus video

tlconsult launch

Workplace conflict is bad for business. Unless, that is, your business is the new breed industrial relations wunderkind, TLConsult, in which case it’s a boon.

Share the TLConsult launch project

holden ve/wm range

One billion dollars of R&D. The future of the company, and arguably the nation’s entire vehicle manufacturing industry, hingeing on its success.

Share Holden VE/WM range brochures

telstra online billing

Greater take up of online billing―that’s what Telstra wanted. Funny thing is, it’s what consumers wanted, too. Best give those Gen Y contact centre slackers agents a nudge.

Share the Telstra Online Billing video
Watch the Telstra Online Billing video

schiavello climate

When a new paradigm emerges, everything changes. Literally so, in the case of this effortlessly configurable, endlessly scalable office furniture system.

Share the Schiavello Climate website
Explore the Schiavello Climate website

collins towers

Arty-tecturally refurbished,
the newly re-purposed old Melbourne Stock Exchange
was primed to take on an altogether different market.

Share the Collins Towers brochure
Read the Collins Towers brochure

the end of banking

It's banking. But not how it should be. Nor even how it used to be. One enterprise-wide reality check coming up.

Share the End of Banking videos
Watch the End of Banking videos.
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“Clear, concise and easy-to-read from first word
to last.”

“The consummate storyteller and communication architect.”

“The name says it all—this guy can write.”

“Great writer
and a super
nice bloke.”

dave scott
creative director

“Top bloke,
great words.”

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“A master
of his craft.”

“Maked my
words much
more gooder.”

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“Mr. Magic Words!”

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michelle schofield
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“A creative lion
in a panda suit.”

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“Clear, concise, effective.”

umberto mecchi
group executive–
strategy, marketing and growth

“Brings clarity
to complexity.”

mark janetzki
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“His words MAKE my pictures.”

“I don't have the words to describe his talents.”

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multiple studio

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jeremy mcleod
co-founder & design director

“Inspired words.”


Interesting &

“Always a pleasure working with him and we always get a great result!”

krystal ting
account director

“The best copywriter I have worked with.”

garry emery
founder and creative director

“Have you
won awards?”

Awards matter—particularly to the organisations running them.


“Do you have
formal writing

Yes—a 79 for year-12 English.
I’ve also acquired some handy non-writing formal qualifications along the journey:


“How many staff do you have?”

I’m assisted day-to-day by a general dogsbody named Edie.

“Can you start
on my project

Definitely. Maybe. Hard to say to be honest, depends what’s involved. Best give me a call or shoot me an email.

“Will you
provide a fixed
price quote?”

Sure, providing your project scope is equally fixed, and your brief fulsome in both detail and direction. Otherwise, I’ll give you an estimate and keep you apprised as work progresses.

“What are
your terms
of business?”

I generally invoice at the conclusion of a project.


“May I see examples
of your work?”

You betcha. Look under tags in the main menu. You can go for a general browse-a-rama, or drill down to specific project types. Whatever suits.

“Why are some
of your projects
password protected?”

Most projects I work on end up in the public domain, but not all.

are you based?”

You’ll mostly find me in North Fitzroy. My clients, you’ll mostly find in Melbourne, Sydney and Bris Vegas, and occasionally in Southeast Asia and The Middle East.

“What star sign
are you?”

Aquarius. Although I’m not sure why it’s relevant.

“How long
have you been
a writer?”

According to my watch, twenty-something years or therabouts.

“What did you do
before becoming
a writer?”

Mostly I worked in marketing and computing. I was also a Santa Claus photographer in the last millenium for a few weeks, but that’s another story.

“Do you have
a resumé I can
look at quickly?”

Sure, here’s one I prepared earlier:


“Do you have
experience in the
… sector?”

If by ‘…’ you mean accounting, aged care, agriculture, airlines, architecture, automotive or awards programs, then the answer is yes.


“What is your
hourly rate?”

It’s commensurate with my experiece and ability, as you would expect.


“Will you work
on site?”

I can do, yes.

“Do you charge
for travel time?”

I enjoy getting out of the office, so generally the answer is no.


“Do you specialise
in a particular

I specialise in distilling and expressing outcome-oriented narratives.


“Do you have
a particular style
of writing?”

Someone far wiser than me once said, ‘style is the death of a copywriter’. What I write, and the way I write it, is 100% informed by context.

“I found a typo
on your website. Is there a reward?”

Totes. Send it to me in an email with the subject line: ‘Call yourself a professional?’ and I’ll ensure you receive appropriate recogniton.

“Are these FAQs
really asked
all that frequently?”

I get asked that all the time.

“What’s the best way to brief you?”

My preference is to receive any background reading in advance, together with your written brief, then meet either face-to-face or via videoconference.

“Is your website search engine optimised?”

Only one way to find out.


“I have text that needs editing. Is this a service you offer?”

I often perform small-scale edit/re-writes; usually as part of a larger project, the majority of which involves copywriting from scratch.


“Can you help
us with a new
business pitch?”

Absolutely. I’m a pitch veteran with an excellent strike rate.


“Do you write speeches?”

Sure do. In fact, if I’m being totally up front, speeches are my favourite form of writing.

“Are you prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement?”

If you’re prepared to spell my surname: S-W-E-E-T-T-E-N,
I’ll sign pretty much anything.

“Do you have a blacklist?”

Indeed, I do.


“How do you safeguard confidential information?”

Writer Guy HQ is not the Royal Australian Mint. But it is alarmed, and has a yappy West Highland Terrier on guard duty, day and night.


“Are you carbon neutral?”

No idea. But I can tell you this:


“Do you have a disaster recovery plan?”

I work the cloud; if everything goes to shit, I just:

  • 1. Buy a new MacBook Air;
  • 2. Find the nearest WiFi café;
  • 3. Pick up where I left off.